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Parents of Preschoolers / Early Childhood Education

POPS and ECE work together to create a foundation of lifelong learning for Latino families with young children in San Jose. We help families improve their English through a nine-month intensive language education course, where parents and their young children learn together to facilitate healthy development and prepare their children for kindergarten. View Our Education Dept. Calendar

Summer Academy for Students

Summer Academy follows the year spent in Homework Club. Students in grades 4-8 attend this full-day summer camp, which focuses on both short and long-term academic, social, and emotional development. For more information, please call 408.916.5067 or email us.
family support
Monday-Thursday: 10am-4pm
Friday: By appointment

Homework Club

Sacred Heart’s after-school program is for students in grades 1-6. Staff work closely with children, families, and schools to create individualized work plans for each participant, achieving grade-level or higher performance. For more information, please call 408.916.5067 or email us.

family support
Monday: 10-4
Tuesday: 10-4
Wednesday: 10-4
Thursday: 10-4
Friday: 9-12 or by appt.

Family Support

Family Support brings FIRST 5 resources to families with children 0-5 years old, encouraging better health and strong family relationships. Customers may access individual support services and emergency domestic violence intervention, as well as parenting classes, support groups, and workshops.

Contact us at 408.278.2174 or email us.

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