Can mental healthcare prevent homelessness?

Every year people living in the US fall through the cracks of the mental health system. Approximately one in four Americans will be affected by mental illness this year, and while many can afford the cost of treatment, the homeless and low-income population is often left to suffer undiagnosed and untreated.

Sacred Heart @ ZURB Wired 2014

Nine hours into the 24-hour marketing campaign overhaul and ideas were flowing between Sacred Heart and ZURB team members. Since 2006, product design firm ZURB has been putting on a yearly event called ZURB Wired to assist non-profits in rebranding themselves or a campaign in just 24-hours.

Bringing Our Community Together Even More

You may have noticed something a bit different this morning. We’ve got a new look just in time to celebrate our 50 year tradition of uniting the community. And we did it all in 24 hours, thanks to the folks at ZURB.

We participated in their seventh ZURB Wired event, where they help a nonprofit (us!) with an entire marketing campaign, which included our new website.

Heart benefits from ARRA-funded Summer Jobs for Youth

Sacred Heart Community Service became the beneficiary of lots of youthful energy this summer when we were chosen as one of the sites for the stimulus-funded Summer Jobs for Youth Program through the City of San Jose and Work-2-Future. We have ten young people working for us in various areas such as the Clothes Closet and the Food Pantry.